TransAgro Internacional SAC is a private Peruvian research and engineering company entirely dedicated to the design and construction of plants and equipment for the processing of tubers and roots into starch, especially cassava.







Machinery and equipment for the production of cassava starch

We supply complete processing plants for the processing of cassava on a turn-key basis, including start-up and personnel training.

We also serve orders for specific equipment such as rasps, hidrocyclones or dryers for projects to complement, improve or enlarge already existing plants.

Our 32 years of experience in the starch industry allow us to provide technical advice and support.

Starch quality

We want to emphasize that our plants produce a quality of starch that  meets international standards and that starch yields and efficiencies are very comparable to those obtained by machinery and equipment manufactured by industrialized  countries.

Competitive costs

As emerging nations we are in a condition to provide very competitive prices.

Equipment sizes 

We build plants of all sizes and processing capacities but medium (2000 to 4000 kilos cassava/hour) and small (500 to 1000 kilos cassava/hour) constitute the majority of our production program.

Extraction efficiency

Our equipment recovers 90% of the starch contained in the cassava with a conversion rate of 5 kilos cassava root (16% starch content) for 1 kilo of commercial starch.