Starch extraction

Process Sequence to obtain Starch

Reception and weighedrecepc
When tubers arriving from growing areas, it have to be received and wearing in a platform scale.
The storage of raw materials should be divided into sections to separate  deliveries.
 Transport and Selection
Potatoes are transported by conveyor belts from storage toward the washing machine. The selection is done visually along the conveyor belt, removing  tubers which are not suitables.
Washing and peelinglav_pel
In the washer-peeler, tubers are washed and peeled perfectly using water, the peel is peeled by abrasion. The clean and peeled Potato pass to the  mill.


The Potato is carried by a conveyor belt to the Super Rasp mill, where they are shredded to turn them into a fine paste (cream).





Starch extraction

Starch is separated from the pulp using a multiple extractor. This machine, using centrifugal force, sieve (separates) the starch from the cellulose (bran or fiber).


Washing and concentration of starch

 "The slurry" which comes from the extractors contain proteins, fat, and insoluble substances and is receptioned in a tank  which is transferred by a pump to hydrocyclones to remove all the water, wash and concentrate.

The starch is carried to the centrifuges until a humidity of 38% and then using a worm carried to the Flash Dryer machine.
The wet starch is dried by a flow of hot air.
The starch was sieved in a sieving machine 
Bagging and weighing
The sifter has a feeder through which the starch is packed in polypropylene bags and then weighed.
The starch obtained should be stored in a cool dry place..