Advanced technical characteristics

Extensive research has enabled us to innovate on the most important aspects of the starch production process such as milling, separation, drying and environmental care.

A brief description follows:

  1. High efficiency super rasp mills specially designed rupture cassava molecules and allow improved efficiency starch extraction.
  2. Starch and fiber separation is carried out by hidrocyclones designed for starch fibers.
  3. Starch purification and concentration is carried out in special hidrocyclones for efficient concentration.
  4. Starch is dried instantly by flash-dryer preventing starch fermentation and degradation.
  5. The above mentioned industrial process is continuous and environmentally controlled. It takes 8 minutes from raw material input to dry starch bagging.

 Reduced consumption of water and non-use of chemical additives are technical features that should be pointed out. Also the fact that plant processing capacities are determined by the availability of raw material in the area.